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  • CSAM sees sun after nine years in shade

    Credit Suisse Asset Management has become the leading CLO manager by assets under management globally after finally topping perennial leader GSO Capital Partners. However, CSAM's lead is the size of just one CLO

    20 days ago
  • Two roads diverged in the CLO wood

    In Europe, the third quarter was all twists and turns: volumes hit €11.9 billion, the ECB cut rates and CLO triple A spreads tightened 14bp in three deals. In the US, the path was more straightforward

    3 months ago
  • Investors seek oasis as new issues dry up

    US loan issuance has fallen dramatically this year, but many thirsty investors found liquidity in the secondary market or took advantage of plentiful high yield issuance in a record quarter for bonds

    6 months ago
  • Market rallies as key CLO investor retreats

    A key CLO triple A investor dropped back from the market in the second quarter of 2019, but, remarkably, CLO spreads tightened as repricings came back and other investors drove demand

    6 months ago
  • Managers slide down term curve
    PGIM and Voya were among managers issuing short dated deals in the first quarter. These CLOs, along with a surge in b-wics, kept up the supply of short dated paper as refinancings fell away

    9 months ago
  • Keep calm and buy corporate loans
    Calm heads prevailed in 2018. Markets were volatile and risk retention was supposed to cause problems, but there was no need to panic and volumes went on to break records set in 2014

    1 year ago
  • Widening whisks market back to 2017
    Right now, CLO volumes are healthy and the list of active managers is steadily growing. But with CLO liability spreads reverting to where they were a year ago, some issuers are a little nervous.

    1 year ago
  • Not a bad time to try your hand at CLOs

    In a busy second quarter, CSAM nudged ahead of Carlyle, CLO spreads moved wider for the first time in months, and a posse of established credit managers made the grade in US CLOs

    1 year ago
  • Investors gain upper hand in doc negotiations

    Late June saw the balance of power shift slightly in favour of loan investors, with repricing rates rising and doc terms improving as a glut of borrowers sought to get deals done by the quarter end 

    1 year ago
  • Rebooting the CLO market
    Switching off and on again proved a popular tactic for CLO managers last year as refis and resets helped push issuance to $132 billion

    3 years ago
  • CLO refis take centre stage
    The third quarter CLO league tables cover a period in which issuance has been increasing while the total size of the market has fallen

    3 years ago
  • A legacy market no longer
    CLO calls, step-up refis and a recovery in new issuance have all changed the CLO market in the second quarter of 2016

    3 years ago
  • Hey, $125 billion isn’t bad
    Despite generally gloomy sentiment about the market, 2015 was second only to 2014 for global full-year CLO issuance

    4 years ago
  • Citi stays top as CLOs take pause
    Issuance volumes nosedived in the third quarter of this year – but still there were notable new issuers and returns to the market

    4 years ago
  • Fortress distressed fund puts it top of credit hedge fund ranking
    Despite some well publicised stumbles, the credit hedge fund sector as a whole is in excellent health, with Fortress, MKP and BlueMountain topping the ranking

    4 years ago
  • Holding course for a record year
    Following a record first quarter, CLO issuance was steady enough in Q2 that the year's overall total should equal or exceed 2014 volumes

    4 years ago
  • Citi stays top as CLO volumes explode
    2014 was a year of superlatives for the CLO market. Our analysis shows which arrangers, managers and service providers were most successful

    5 years ago
  • CLO surge through third quarter
    US CLO volumes stayed strong in the third quarter, with GSO remaining as the largest manager globally and Citi once again taking the top arranger place

    5 years ago
  • CLO 2.0s overtake legacy market
    The second quarter of 2014 shattered the post-crisis record for CLO issuance. But which managers, arrangers and service providers were part of the bonanza?

    5 years ago
  • CLO market powers ahead in Q1
    After a busy first quarter, our regular CLO industry snapshot – which ranks managers, arrangers, trustees and counsels – shows Carlyle and BAML doing well

    5 years ago
  • 2013 sees CLOs go global again
    The top arrangers, the biggest managers and the leading law firms and trustees in the CLO universe – they're all in our expanded survey

    6 years ago
  • JP Morgan takes CLO arranger crown
    It has been a bumper quarter for top arranger JP Morgan, but overall CLO outstandings held steady and have yet to match their 2008 high

    6 years ago
  • Biggest managers deal their way to bigger share of CLO market
    Mergers have helped the largest managers to increase dramatically their share of the CLO market. But as Arrowpoint shows, there is still room for new entrants

    6 years ago
  • BAML snatches top spot from Citi
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch beats off regular winner Citi by a whisker in second quarter race to be world number one CLO arranger

    6 years ago
  • Oaktree tops first ranking of credit hedge funds
    A new ranking of credit hedge funds by assets under management reveals that high yield veterans continue to dominate the business

    6 years ago

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