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  • Heading tighter into uncertainty
    Tightening loan spreads are making the job of a CLO manager harder in both the US and Europe. But credit volatility could be on the horizon

    6 years ago
  • Rethinking credit value
    CLO seniors, cash-CDS basis and tranche shorts were some of bank researchers' top picks last month, as volatility sends analysts back to the drawing board

    7 years ago
  • Your credit research picks of 2015
    The most read Creditflux news articles last year about research and strategy ranged across the biggest topics in credit, from CLO retention to how shorts affect dealer inventory figures

    7 years ago
  • Impact of downgrades is not priced in
    Barclays warned last month that record numbers of companies may become fallen angels in 2016. Here's our summary of that report and eight others that caught our eye

    7 years ago
  • Finding value amid volatility
    Researchers and strategists had plenty of tips last month about where to find opportunities in volatile credit markets. We pick 10 of the most eye-catching findings

    7 years ago

5 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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