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  • Rope-a-dope brings knock-out returns
    Post-pandemic US and European CLOs delivered mid-teen equity returns in 2022, despite a barrage of weak macroeconomic news and what could have been a heavyweight Libor mismatch  

    1 year ago
  • I’ll see your 2020 and raise you 2021
    Discounted loans, Libor floors and bond flexibility helped make 2021 an even better year for CLO returns than 2020, as US CLOs distributed 15.54% and European CLOs paid 13.93% annualised

    2 years ago
  • CLO managers show respect to their elders
    Alongside lucrative new issues, managers also make time for refinancing and resetting old deals. Our data shows that, in 2021, mid-sized firms were the most effective at this balancing act

    2 years ago
  • 2020 CLOs find redemption is sweet
    The believers have been vindicated with 2020 CLOs among the best-performing of all time by IRR. Even those that have been reset have been a success with par flushes making for huge equity distributions.

    2 years ago
  • At least 2020 wasn’t dreadful for CLOs
    Last year’s downturn was another in which CLOs survived and in many cases thrived as active management and Libor floors helped managers deliver 13%-plus returns to equity

    3 years ago
  • Elements work against CLO managers in Q3
    CLO equity distributions fell in Q3 largely due to factors, such as Libor mismatches, that CLO managers can’t control. But these headwinds could turn in favour of managers in the near future

    3 years ago
  • Managers weigh up matters of principal
    CLO managers that were able to avoid OC traps made double-digit equity distributions in Q2, despite the headwinds. But these firms tended not to be among those that built the most par

    3 years ago
  • We’ve survived before, we can do so again

    $7.8 billion of CLO collateral, split evenly between the US and Europe, is in the loans that have fallen fastest in the past month. But short term CLO pain will bring opportunities for building par

    4 years ago
  • We can’t hide it any longer, we’re tiering up
    With the opening months of 2019 highlighting a clear class system among CLO managers, there has never been a better time to assess tiering. We find that timing, patience and luck all play a role

    5 years ago

9 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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