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  • An alternative way of looking at CLO overlap
    Analysing CLO collateral to look for overlap is critical for any CLO investor, but it is normally done either within a portfolio of CLOs or by bilaterally comparing two managers. In one of its latest research pieces, Moody’s Analytics has taken a different approach

    2 years ago
  • Trading places: it can pay to bet on the little guy
    It’s assumed investors know how good a CLO manager is by the rate at which they trade their way through a crisis. But this time fi ve small, nimble managers are outperforming the market

    3 years ago
  • Beyond blacklists: the next step in ESG
    Credit managers are integrating ESG into their investment processes, but that does not mean they are unable to invest in unethical credits — they can, if they are paid adequately for the risk.

    4 years ago

3 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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