China opens the door to CDS trading

Chinese regulators give green light to CDS and credit-linked notes 

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Comment by: Anonymous. Posted 3 years ago [2016-09-30 20:58:29]

Did China change the rules where a Chinese holder of a corporate bond was in a senior position to a non-Chinese holder? It would seem that in the absence of such a change a CDS market might have difficulty working, especially for non-Chinese investors.

Comment by: Anonymous. Posted 3 years ago [2016-09-28 09:05:30]

CLNs into the banks' retail network could be a profitable new line of business.

Comment by: Anonymous. Posted 3 years ago [2016-09-26 13:38:47]

Interesting - will the CDS be cleared through a CCP or otherwise require daily MTM posting? The answer would tell me something about the true intent of introducing CDS.