Worth the wait: submissions open for Creditflux's manager awards

Submissions have now officially opened for Creditflux’s 13th annual Manager Awards. The submission window will be open until 21 May, with the four finalists for each category announced in the August edition of the Creditflux newsletter. The winners will be revealed at the Manager Awards dinner at the Landmark Hotel in London following the Credit Symposium on 8 September.

As previously reported, Creditflux  will hold the annual awards ceremony at a later than usual time this year to give everyone the best chance of attending the event in person. To make sure that the awards are based on the most up to date data and accurately reflect manager performance since the pandemic, the data used to assess performance will run up to the end of March, instead of the end of the year.  

As always, CLOs will be judged on several metrics taken directly from the trustee reports, including par build, headroom on junior over-collateralisation tests, weighted average price and percentage of assets marked at <80, warf, triple-C buckets, weighted average spread, average annualised distributions to equity, and volatility of payments. CLOs that went effective after Q1 2020 will be considered in the “new CLO” categories, and will be judged on weighted par build, warf at inception, and arbitrage.

In order for CLOs to be eligible for the award, managers need to make sure their CLOs’ trustee reports are listed on CLO-i, and to fill in this brief submission form. Managers should enter details for all eligible CLOs, those within their reinvestment period or those redeemed in the last year, which will then be automatically considered in the relevant categories. For details on how to make sure your trustee reports are listed on CLO-i, or to send in your submission form, please contact sam.robinson@acuris.com.

We will recognise not only the top CLO managers, but also the top CLO investors, with categories for best open-ended and closed-end CLO funds. This year we will also consider best “new CLO funds” that were launched after the pandemic to take advantage of volatility in the market.

All CLO funds listed on Creditflux’s credit hedge fund database are automatically eligible for the relevant award – any fund interested in submitting to the database should send this submission form filled in with historical returns to robin.armitage@acuris.com. Closed-end CLO funds that are not listed and wish to submit should send this submission form to the same address.

Creditflux will also continue to recognise the best direct lending funds on both sides of the Atlantic, highlighting the best US and European direct lending funds based on a combination of TVPI and IRR figures, the efficiency of capital raised and deployed, and weighted by the underlying leverage of the funds’ portfolios. In order to submit your fund for consideration please send this submission form to robin.armitage@acuris.com

Please find the full list of categories below:


Award Categories
Best new US CLO
Best new European CLO
Best European CLO
Best US boutique CLO manager
Best European boutique CLO manager
Best redeemed US CLO
Best redeemed European CLO
Best middle-market CLO
Best new middle-market CLO
Best bond-flex CLO
Best European direct lending fund
Best US direct lending Fund
Best closed-end CLO fund
Best CLO fund
Best new CLO fund
Best US CLO manager
Best European CLO manager
Creditflux manager of the year



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