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  • Credit Rendezvous: sometimes you have to dive deep to find value
    Some parts of the credit market are fraught with danger, but that does not mean portfolio managers are avoiding them entirely, according to the Credit Rendezvous, Creditflux's 10-page quarterly report eaturing comments from 15 credit experts

    7 days ago
  • Credit Rendezvous: record fiscal stimulus provides pick-me-up
    Credit markets had a mini bounce-back in the second quarter as central banks poured cash into the economy. But there is great uncertainty about the effects of a second wave of coronavirus. As part of our quarterly report on credit - the Credit Rendezvous - Creditflux spoke to experts across 12 segments of the credit market

    3 months ago
  • Credit Rendezvous: recovery begins, but is it U, V or even W?
    Investing in credit is not as easy as ABC. The coronavirus crisis has crushed valuations and although most assets will eventually pull to par, no one is sure how the recovery will pan out

    6 months ago
  • Credit Rendezvous: the outlook in 2020 across a dozen segments of the credit market
    Welcome to the Credit Rendezvous, the first instalment of a regular feature published by Creditflux that tracks credit market dynamics in a dozen segments from investment grade, liquid loans, CLOs and CSOs all the way through to distressed debt. We view this as the meeting point for credit specialists across strategies to share their perspectives

    8 months ago

4 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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