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  • A challenging environment

    Replies to our survey from 95 respondents in 11 countries show that environmental, social and governance investing is growing in importance — but it is tricky for firms to define and implement

    4 months ago
  • Credit funds at a glance

    A round-up of fundraising and people moves in credit

    8 months ago
  • CLOs at a glance
    Managers focus on AUM building via new issues

    8 months ago
  • Direct lending leverage takes off
    HPS, NXT and Crescent target mid market with leverage in Q4. By Grace Jennings-Edquist

    1 year ago
  • Investing ethically is worth it
    Managers could see less volatile returns as a result of their increasing adoption of ESG-friendly portfolios; meanwhile direct lending is spreading across Europe

    2 years ago
  • Rush to Ucits gives regulators pause
    Investors around the world love Ucits funds, and credit hedge fund managers are rushing to launch them. But the regulators are watching

    3 years ago
  • US managers target European banks
    Credit hedge funds have continued to attract investors despite fears over the Fed’s tapering plans. Regulatory capital-style strategies have seen the biggest recent inflows

    6 years ago
  • Tracking Europe’s high yield funds
    High-yield bonds and loans are proving to be resilient in Europe as Creditflux starts to track funds dedicated to investing in these markets

    7 years ago
  • Credit ETFs: a quiet explosion
    Credit ETFs have grown to become a $100 billion business. From this month we track the size and performance of the biggest funds

    7 years ago
  • Credit funds take direct action
    Direct lending funds are springing up around Europe. But what do managers mean by direct lending? And what returns can their investors expect?

    7 years ago

10 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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