Off-sef and uncleared credit default swaps soar

The notional amount of uncleared CDS contracts more than doubles in a week 

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Comment by: Anonymous. Posted 5 years ago [2014-05-08 14:17:18]

The article reads to me neither positive or negative on the issue...

Comment by: Anonymous. Posted 5 years ago [2014-05-07 19:40:58]

I'd expect this type of headline from Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank or Mr. Reid, but not Creditflux. I suppose the writer of this article, and editors who approved it are voting Clinton in 2016? Unless Creditflux is under the impression all credit default swaps are equal, that is liquidity, bid/ask spreads, volume, market depth and risk profile, why in a credit periodical, is there no differentiation unless Creditflux has decided to go the way of a Democratic tabloid? The overwhelming majority of CDS flow product continues to be traded on SEFs while destroying the jobs of traders, sales people, brokers and support personnel. As Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank and Mr. Obama and Mrs. (or is it Mr. Yellen) continue to destroy the financial markets and job prospects in the OTC derivative space, we don't need a credit periodical playing politics like wonderful Mr. Buffet does while peering up the skirt of Becky Quick as he toots someone's horn almost monthly on CNBC; all CDS is not equal. And all CDS is not evil. And lastly, truth be told, when the current bubble the FOMC has been inflating bursts, the morons who so short-sightidly crafted and approved the Dodd-Frank Act, Volker and so on, are going to pray that efficient risk transferrance products within the credit derivative market, namely single name CDS and index, are as prolific and liquid as they were before, during and immediately following the credit crisis as the market won't experience 1 or 2 broker dealer failures, but 20-40 smaller, but just as meaningful failures in the financial markets.